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My approach to therapy is relational. I believe that people heal and grow through connection to others.

I provide individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy.

The group is for survivors of sexual abuse.

​I provide a warm, supportive and safe environment in which I promote healing by collaboration with clients to work toward eliminating unhealthy obstacles to achieving their goals, usually caused by traumas in their pasts. I promote healing by being a witness to the client’s story, teaching body- based techniques to calm the client’s nervous system while creating a safe environment in which to heal, and by validating feelings. I teach coping techniques including body-mind techniques such as meditation which has been shown to reduce anxiety, fear, anger and depression and promote resilience and stability.

I provide feedback including strengths and progress and help clients identify the causes of their pain, and how to heal. I help clients to recognize their needs and learn ways to meet them. I help clients problem solve life situations, and find alternative healthy behaviors to replace unhealthy ones. I help them to evaluate their ways of thinking and challenge their own assumptions and beliefs. I provide feedback in constructive ways. I see therapy as an opportunity to experience new ways of relating and coping while developing and appreciation of who the client is while experimenting with new ways of relating.

I teach clients effective communication and help clients to strengthen their support systems and relationships outside of therapy. I see my job to be to work myself out of a job!


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